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D. Miller: 1204Z 13Jul2006:
Carol?, I thought it was "Joe"

R. N. Landers: 0446Z 13Jul2006
It was truly a pleasure to see all of you again. I'd like to thank all of you for coming to St. Louis, and hope that you enjoyed being there. Thanks also to Mahoney for getting this ball rolling, Stephen Pitman, for his input and advice, and the Greens for making it all happen. Also, to Meat for the hats.

For those of you who could not make it this time, you were missed. And talked about. A lot. Your challenge is to make it to the next one.

For all of us, we have a great deal of work to do. The interim mission is to locate more of our comrades and to persuade them to attend the next one. (Len, I believe you have been volunteered for that one.) With all the stories that flew around this weekend, we should now have some new names to add to the list. Lets track 'em down.

BTW, Tim, I tracked down Carol, and she said she also had a "burning sensation" but that a quick trip to the doc and a shot of antibiotics cleared everything up. Just FYI.
Semper Fi Marines,
Rob Landers

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C. Mahoney: 0332Z 12Jul2006:
Wait..... I didn't see those on the website. I'm still not sure who had the better investment though. The pictures could show definitively one way or the other.

G. Lessenberry: 0235Z 12Jul2006:
 I cannot express what a thrill it was for me to see everybody after all these years. The guys who organized it couldn't have done a better job. Great hotel location, good bars, a fine pistol range, good golf course that was tolerant of some poor golfing, a hooters and the maintenance shop from H&HS-48. I did get some pictures, but most of them have "suck for a buck" on them.
Semper Fi!

A. Heyl: 1947Z 11Jul2006:
It was great to see you all again and to hear about where you have been and where you are going. Glad to hear at this time that everyone is home safe and sound. Thanks to ALL. By the way we should also add to our motto "Git'er Done", "Been There and Done That", and "What Goes On Out of Town, Stays Out of Town"...Semper Fi

D. Miller: 1547Z 11Jul2006:
I did notice a slight burning sensation this morning...........

T. Kelly: 0315Z 11Jul2006
As far as the hooters girl, she had it comin!

T. Kelly: 0301Z 11Jul2006
To all,
As Meat mentioned, I was at the doctor's this morning. Len and Dave, you should both be very concerned! :-)

Thanks to Steve Green for an incredible job organizing this! And also Chris Mahoney and Rob Landers for helping in the effort!

To everyone who made it, it was great to see you all again. We don't get to do things like this too often and it reminded me of how lucky I was to have served with you in our Corps!
Semper Fi,

P.S. Len and Meat, we can talk more offline. You really need to call me.

C. Mahoney: 2256Z 10Jul2006:
I just want to say thanks to all who came out. Mission was very successful in my opinion. Besides, I got a nice new red hat out of the trip. I had several coments on it today while I was running errands around town.

We already have a core group that we can build on for the next version. Two years will actually be kind of leisurely and will give me quite a bit of time to track down more people. The turnout was rather impressive given that we started this ball rolling in November.

Myself, I wouldn't mind a reunion in the winter/cooler time periods. While summer will be baseball season, winter months will be school for people with children. I don't know how much weight that will have on people deciding to attend.

I didn't have a camera to take pictures with, but I would really like to see some of the shots that others took to commemorate the weekend. Well..... there is the one shot that everyone in the hotel got to see already, I don't need that one again. Poor guy, I hope he recovered.

Portable printer though.... nice touch.

S. M. Pitman: 1559Z 10Jul2006
Hello All
Hope everyone made it home from St. Louis. I had a rough drive to my home from the airport - something about less than 12 hours of sleep in 3 days. Yeah, I know - but I am NOT 20 any more....
Thanks to ST (Fabio) and Kris Green, Chris Mahoney for their work in helping put this together. Len - you are the next host. We'll make a pilgrimage to the Marine Corps Heritage Museum...
I put up the photos I took.  Sure thought I took more, so please send me what you have and I'll add them. Someone gave Nikki a camera at the Bradford for a group shot - we should have done that a few times...
I am really glad we got together. Just the act of tracking everyone down was important. Maybe next time we will do this NOT in baseball season so Charlie Triplett and Royce Gibson can make it.
So, send me your comments and photos. Semper Fidelis, Marines

L. Hawkins: 1548Z 10Jul2006:
Next time use the defense passed-out position as demonstrated by Meat. (See

D. Miller: 1537Z 10Jul2006:
Len and I are almost out of here. We spoke with Tim Kelly this morning, he is at the Doctor's office, did anyone get the name of his "Friend" from Friday night? Len and I are very concerned about him.

S. M. Pitman - 1200Z 10Jul2006
St Louis. 15 years. 20 Marines and their families. Gathering at Green's, stories. Too little sleep. Single malt. Bulls-Eye shooting range. Golf. The Arch. Botanical Gardens. Zoo. River Boat Dinner Cruise on the Mighty Mississippi. Nino's, TrainWreck, Nikki at The Bradford. Bachelorette parties & Life Savers. "Hello, Ladies." What did Kelly Really do on Friday night??? Calling Colonel Triplett at 0200. Acknowledging that it will be a great story if it begins with, "Me and Hawkins...." Renewing friendships. Catching up. Remembering Cherry Point, Turkey, Norway, Lonesome Dove, Korea, Volleyball. Agreeing unanimously that Charlie Triplett was The Best Commanding Officer any of us ever had. Agreeing that at that time and at that place, we were invincible and the CO forgave our many minor indiscretions because we always put the Mission First and got it done! Agreeing that we should not wait another fifteen years to get together. Telling Hawkins we would be visiting him next. Being at STL by 0500 for a 0615 flight home on Sunday.

D. Miller: 0151Z 10Jul2006:
Thank You Marines, I had a great time, I am already looking forward to the next time. A special thanks to those who helped make it happen. I also wantedt to note that Tim Kelly crashed and burned with our Hooters waitress today. Next time swallow your food before talking to her!

C. F. Triplett - 2202Z 08Jul2006:
I hear the phone ring and the answering machine pick-up before I got to the phone. I thought I heard something about some falling off a ladder, so I went down stairs to find out who called. Obviously it may have been Tim Kelly that fell off the ladder! I didn't call at 2:00 AM since I had a morning game and knew I wouldn't make it a short call. Thanx for thinking of me. I wish I could have been there with you all.
Semper Fi.

CO of the Best Outfit in 2nd MAW--once upon a time.

Steve Fredeen: 10/31/2006 12:24:34 P.M.
Check out the latest innovation in mobile tactical shelters:
Talk about state of the art modern technology!

  • Steve

    Introducing the latest innovation in mobile structure technology - Air Base-X Inflatable Structures.

    Like all Base-X structures, they set up quickly with minimal personnel.

    The patented design gives a free standing structure that does not require guy wires that are critical to other structures.

    Air Base-X Inflatable Structures are compatible with all other Base-X shelters, providing optimum configurations of both folding frame and inflatable structure technology.

    Air Base-X structures are the only inflatable structures good enough to wear the Base-X name.

    The Air Base-x Model 4076 is designed for aircraft and vehicle maintenance and storage. Double eyelid ends allow for easy vehicle entrance and exit.

Jamie Boulet: 1406 31Oct2006

Gary Lessenbery: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 21:13
I rather like the concept that they set up quickly with minimal personnel.

Steve, based on your long and illustrious experience with high-tech inflatable fortresses, What exactly is a minimal of personnel or for that matter, how long is quickly?
Fredeen Maj Steven R :Wed 11/1/2006 1:42 PM

Well, as you know it takes about six Marines to carry a bubble section - while the new ones might be lighter I doubt less than four could carry it. Having inflated bubble sections without using the flooring, it would not take more than 30 min to break it all out and inflate it. The flooring is an advantage though and I think what we had was pretty damn good and stood up to the elements much better than the tents we are currently sticking our C2 systems in. A couple weeks ago we got flooded out of a Base-X 305 tent at WTI when testing CAC2S.
Len Hawkins: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 12:47

Steve, Any idea how well it stands up to punctures, like from a K-Bar? And if someone were to attempt to leap on to the inflatable section, and missed making it to the top, how far back would they fly?
Steve Fredeen: 11/1/2006 3:39:57 P.M.

I have cc'd LtCol Kolkmeyer. While he does not have much experience with K-Bars, he has extensive experience with testing Swiss Army knives and inflatable shelters.

As for how far someone would fly, the answer is - until they contact in immovable object.

Gary Lessenberry: Friday, November 03, 2006 6:23


I'd completely forgotten about LtCol Kolkmeyer looking like that little dutch boy with his finger in the dike after proving that some people should never be given sharp objects.

LtCol A Kolkmeyer: Friday, November 03, 2006 6:35 AM

I'm alright with this except for the reference to that little Dutch boy.....

LtCol A.E. Kolkmeyer
SECNAV Council of Review Boards

R Starkweather:
There were quite a few characters at the TACC Center as well. We had some officers who liked to do things like advertise their friend's houses and vehicles as being for sale in the local papers. That was always good for a few laughs.

There was one Captain from the operations side of the unit that wasn't very popular. He was assigned to take over the weight control program at one point and immediately decided to have a surprise weigh in. (I lived in fear of weighing in for the last three years that I was in because I had problems with my back and knees which kept me from getting enough exercise to keep my weight down.)

We had one Woman Marine Staff Sergeant that also feared weighing in, because she was tall and slender, a very attractive woman, and had trouble meeting the minimum weight requirement for her height. Any time a surprise weigh in was announced we had to send someone to the exchange for bananas and milk and rolls of quarters to try to get her up to the minimum.

We also had a Gunnery Sergeant who was quite a joker and he and the Captain did not get along. For this weigh in the Gunnery Sergeant, who was well within his limit, borrowed someone else's uniform top which was big enough to allow him to hang two 50-pound weights under it. When he got on the scales the Captain's eyes bugged out. The Captain immediately stopped the proceedings and went across the street to get the company commander, who, due to the type of unit, was a Lieutenant Colonel. This particular Lieutenant Colonel was one of the best people that I ever worked for. So the Captain dragged the Colonel across the street to see that the Gunnery Sergeant had finally stepped too far over the line. Naturally, the Gunnery Sergeant had discarded the weights and weighed in well within his limits.

The Colonel was unhappy and the Captain sent the scales off to be re-calibrated.

We also had a Warrant Officer that I liked a lot, who was a body builder. (He also happened to be in Dhahran during the Gulf War when the SCUD missile hit the barracks there. He didn't talk about that very much.) After my last trip to Norway with the unit we got off the busses in the unit parking lot and were dispersed. I happened to notice that one leather Adidas athletic bag had been left in the parking lot and decided to do the right thing and carry it inside. I nearly ripped my arm out of its socket when I tried to pick that bag up. It belonged to the Warrant Officer and had two fifty pound dumb bells in it. Staff Sergeant 'Bananas and Milk' had to help me carry it inside.